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Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Who's Your Hero?"

Talking to some people recently at Easter has yielded a surprising finding. Many people don’t even know why Easter is celebrated.

The advertising must be working. The commercials and print ads that tell us we have to buy something new for the holiday; but they don’t tell you what the holiday is about, and who we are throwing the celebration for.

Don’t be misled. Jesus is the hero of Easter. “The bunny” no matter how cute, isn’t even in the real picture. Easter is not his birthday, and not the mere celebration of spring.

We need to get our minds around the real meaning of Easter. Not the man made tale whose purpose is to “humanize the holiday.” Easter is all about the divine. The person of Jesus, God’s Son, who died on the cross for our sins; and rose again from the dead on Easter.

Jesus died to lay claim to our lives. His death signs the deed that declares we are His. We accept His claim to us when we recognize Him as Savior.

We can celebrate Easter because it represents a day that celebrates an act which brought about our freedom. A rescue that happens the moment we accept Jesus as our Savior; and carries on with us, with Him, into our eternity. Jesus died for our now and our then.

Let’s not miss the real hero of Easter. Or a chance to accept the greatest gift ever given; a gift Jesus paid for with His life. And He lives now, waiting to be our Savior.

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