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Friday, August 11, 2006

"Is God Listening?"

With recent world events being as they are I’ve heard numerous people ask “Is God listening?”

As valid as this question seems, I think another question is more valid to ask. “Are WE listening to God?”

WE are always on God’s list. He is not only “the man with the ultimate plan;” His arms are never too short to reach us, and His power never to ineffective or weak to help. Not just to help, but, to totally deliver us from any and all situations.

Through the adversity of war, economic hardship and the calamity and nonsensical violence and hatred (sin) of this world; God remains the Bible says our “stay and prop” that is the rock on which we cling to and the pole (support) that keeps us upright.

We are on His list. Is He on ours? Let’s not just make time for God when “tragedy and misfortune visit us.” Let’s take time to visit with Him daily.

We will tell Him what is on our minds. And He will show us what is on His. For sure what is on His mind is loving us. Challenging us to change, all the while loving us to Him.

Is God listening? Yes! Are we?

© A.M.2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How far has your faith brought you?