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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What is our faith worth?

Happy New Year!

Being the news hound that I am, I have of course being checking the internet since I have been back at work, seeing the "new" headlines for 2007. Some are old and many are new. I am prayerfully anticipating all that will happen in 2007. I pray you are as well.

Something that jumped off the page this morning was President Ford's funneral, and a erry headline that seemed to be an ironic duel of good vs. evil--"Getting Over Saddam."

Then I saw another "headline" that an upscale hotel would offer "dog massages." Ok. I was thinking: "Will this year be a year of substance or frivolity?" If I had a dog I would think they would get enough stimulation from wagging their tail and being pet, not to mention their daily trips to the yard.

What is worse the fact they offer dog massages and we are making it a headline, or that someone would actually pay for one for their dog? Will this be the year of the dog? I will be checking the newsmagazines, they are always good at "telling us what we are thinking."

Another headline was the debate on whether President Gerald Ford was "the other born again President?" And "how He kept his faith private."

If President Ford was a Christian, and he was able to look down from his vantage point of heaven, I am sure he would be quick to tell us: "There is a God, and His Son is Jesus. Share your faith, that others may know and accept Him as Savior."

If we live our lives with God not only in mind, but Him being the focus of how we live and in the decisions we make--when we are no longer here, no one will have to ask any questions. Others will not only know how we lived our lives, but, who we lived for.

What is our faith worth if we are not willing to tell anyone? Let's not make this a year of missed opportunitys. Let's share our faith openly.

One of the jobs of our President is to uphold the constitution. That guarantees our freedom of speech and religion. Let's not de-value the incredible freedoms we have in this country, by allowing others to influence our right to share our Christian faith openly. We all have the right to an opinion. And we are free to believe in what we choose.

If what we believe is worth that much to us--who can stop us from sharing it? Only ourselves.

Have a blessed New Year! I will be praying for you!