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Friday, April 20, 2007

The Decision of One

No one can really say with all certainty they know what was on the mind of the lone VA Tech. gunman. Bent on releasing his pain? Or, eliciting on others the pain he felt in his mind and body; and tortured spirit.

This decision by one was not on behalf of any race. Or group. It was a choice he alone made, and that history will mark as his most heinous and horrific act—the thing in his life that he will be known forever for.

Many have the mentality that we are a “village of one.” But, sometimes the people in town go off on their own. In this instance, his poor choice didn’t end in a parking ticket or a night in jail.

He chose to write how he would live—and to “stage” how he would die. It’s more courageous to live, no matter how painful; then to face an uncertain eternity that may mirror His life.

Jesus, God’s Son, made a decision of One; that can save the lives of many. He made the choice to die on the cross for our sins. We can know Him personally, we can know Him as our Savior. The decision is ours. All we have to do is ask Him to save us.

The questions surrounding this terrible day will continue. I hope we can say so will our prayers. Including prayers for the family of the young man, who not only took his own life, but, the lives of others. Something we will never understand. Something that only God and time can help us with.

©A. Miller 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

'If not God, then what is your explanation of Easter?"

His Name is Glorious!

It seems people think a lot about God during the Easter season. I was wondering who they might be thinking about the rest of the year?

Frankly, God is hoping we will always give Him the respect and honor He deserves—no matter the holiday. His resurrection was an event worthy of daily celebration!

If we need to focus “more” on God during Easter, may the focus we place on Him be of Thanksgiving, And, of sharing. “Sharing the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the power of God unto Salvation.” When we do this, we share His reason for Easter, and every season.

Lord, may our efforts and focus not just be on [a] “Holy Week.” But, in the bringing of people to You. Sharing “Jesus’ gift of life” with others. The reason for Your love and life and death—brings us the promise of hope and the gift of life.

"If not God, then what is your explanation of Easter?"