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Friday, May 25, 2007

"If we all are created equal...then why is there racism?"

Unfortunately, that ugly “four” letter word made its way prominently into the news recently. It’s already there, subtly or not. But, when it flashes across every channel’s nightly news, focusing not on the cruel acts of one person, but on their race; it reminds me how far we haven’t come, in bringing people together who look different than ourselves.

The word race in itself isn’t “ugly.” It’s how some people choose to use it that is. The way I look at it, we basically all came into this world the same way, what we need to be concerned with is our “going out.”

We need to recognize the sanctity, the miracle that life exists and God choose to give it to us. He also chooses to give to us eternal life. A life where we will live forever with Him, with people from all over the world—that look differently than we do.

The phrase “why can’t we all just get along?” is a great motto for today. We have to stop treating each other like enemies; and more like the incredible, awe-inspiring, uniquely fashioned, but equally created human beings; that God breathed life into. And that He can bring together; and use to fulfill His plan here on earth.

I am living my life regardless of the shade God decided to color me. And I focus on The Savior with the colorless face and the all accepting heart. Open to rescue anyone who will call upon His Name.

Now that you’re here…where are you going when you leave?

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