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Friday, July 13, 2007

"What Else Can We Do?"

There were varying reactions this week to the news that "there might be additional terrorist attacks here in the U.S." One person's comment: "What else can we do?" I am not sure what they are doing "now." I'm taking it that they meant, "Well, there isn't anything else we can do but what we are doing."

"What else can we do?" We can do a lot. We can panic. We can worry. Or, we can pray. I choose to pray.

Many have said: "It's coming. When is the question." Well, God can help us. When? Now. And always.

Let's keep an eye to the sky, if that will help us feel better. And perhaps we could keep an ear to heaven, as well. Because when God sends His help and encouargement, I want to be ready to hear it and respond.

c. A. Miller 2007