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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How Are You Making It Day To Day?

A good friend sent me a great email the other day. I usually don’t take time to read story emails, but this one really caught my eye.

In the email a cartoon character labors to carry a large, heavy, wooden cross. He repeatedly asks God to make his burden of carrying the cross lighter, by reducing the length of his cross. When he reaches his destination, he finds that his cross is too short to be used to make a bridge over a canyon that he has to go across.

I had wondered how many times I have complained when I thought a burden was too heavy. I need to remember daily, that any “weight” I have to bear will be lifted up by God, when I give it over to Him. He can’t lift it if I keep it to myself.

Situations based on my perception, have little to do with God’s view of things. What He thinks and wants matters most, and situations, He can change those in an instant. I have “gone through things” I thought were going to be some of the greatest challenges in my life. Only to see while I was going through them, the end was not only closer than it appeared; the “thing,” like a lion that had teeth, had a bite that was unable to touch me.

That’s the God I choose to place my trust and faith in. A God, who can not only tear the teeth from a lion and untangle any mess, can make sure that any lions that have teeth—can bring me no harm.

Viewing life in God’s perspective means that I am going to have to remember that wherever I am and whatever I am going through, He will be there to help. The outcome may not be as I want, but, I have to trust He is in control and that He will provide everything that I need…no matter the situation.

I hope you will choose to trust God with all you can see, and, with all that you can’t. We can choose to worry and doubt, or we can determine we will have faith in Him; and His ability to be OUR God.

The cross was never too short to do the job it had to do. And that was to hold up the One, Jesus, who would lift up our sins to God so they could be covered by His forgiveness.

Forgiveness that is available to all whenever we ask. For the salvation of our lives, and for our sins—day by day.

How about you? How are you making it day by day??

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