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Friday, September 26, 2008

Do You Need The Comfort Of A Savior?

I haven’t bumped into many people who have not seen and heard about the tremendous devastation that has happened in Texas and Louisiana following the aftermath of two major hurricanes.

News of financial destruction has been in the news lately, too. The meltdown in almost every sector in our society is a good reminder “it’s in God we should trust.”

Many people are optimistic of a bounce back, trying a number of “proven tactics” they say will not only shore up our sagging economy, but quell fears of an impending economic depression of global proportions.

You can’t work your way back up to the surface until you stop falling, and at times, hit bottom; to say we have reached that might be premature.

Whatever the future holds we must give into God, and not into fear. Our fears don’t always become realized, but the hope that Jesus, God’s Son provides for us was realized when He died on the cross for our sins.

We never have to fear the future when we know who is holding it, and we know beyond all doubt it has been secured. Jesus has secured our future, and offers us the comfort of a Savior when we choose to not gamble on our present or our future, but place our faith and trust in Him, now.

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