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Friday, March 27, 2009

What's Keeping You From Growing?

The daily news of economic decline, and a dismal forecast for an unsteady future can make the most hopeful of people entertain thoughts of doubt, and possibly fear.

My harshness is reserved for those who made the decision to “steal” and misuse money that wasn’t theirs—to make a gain for themselves, and to those who continue to “misplace their faith” in money—paper, instead of in the rock, Jesus.

Those who continue in their path un-phased or un-changed by the circumstances around them either have unwavering faith, or haven’t seemed to get the message: God called and He wants us to trust Him over “anything else;” especially when we place our trust in numbers and in people.

I hope that many can finally see that there is a price to pay when there is a “failure in the system,” and the bill for it is usually paid by those with the least to give.

It’s going to take a lot to tend and grow a garden in the New Year. Supplies are short, but our optimism and faith must rise. Not in the assurance of the up and down arrows of the market, but in God, a real God. Many have claimed to be as great as Him but they’re all still dead, while Jesus, His Son, died and rose again.

Our faith in God can never be in short supply. Our faith to know He can rescue us in spite of the circumstances and bring about prosperity in the leanest times.

It could be a year of lack for many. But for those willing to let God take out the doubt in their lives that chokes out faith—expect Him to bring “something out of nothing.” More so, I should say, He will bring something through what His Son already did on the cross for us, and that was to die for our sins.

God’s a gardener. He can remove the weeds of doubt in our lives—while growing a garden that’s lush and viable in spite of a lack of materials, or ideal conditions. Surprising the harshest critic whose own faith leads them not in praise and thanksgiving to a mighty God who can bring provision from lack; but whose own lack of faith leads them further into doubt, and a cycle of spiritual poverty.

Let’s not keep company even one day with suspicion and fear, but live free when we place our concerns in the care of our Father, in whom we trust…there is no other.

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