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Friday, December 04, 2009

Having Dates With Drama?

It might be difficult to imagine as stylish and shall we say as flamboyant that I am, that I don’t like drama. Drama of ANY kind makes ME…dramatic. And not in an impressive way.

Recent drama sightings from my window are: woman at the grocery store (not me!) can’t decide which kind of canned goods to buy. Indecision not based on price, but appearance. One can “just looked better.” I wanted to remind her she was eating what was on the inside and not the out. Just how many times can you ask your husband “which one?” Just buy the can, please!

Child begging uncontrollably for a bag of cookies in a store; yelling didn’t help, so the little girl turned to her rag-doll phase. Becoming totally lifeless as she lay on the store floor; repeating out loud, over and over, “I want it mommy…I want it Mommy.” I thought let me help you little girl, “STOP IT!”

Cars near my office making doughnuts in the middle of the street. Why move to the curb, no one really wants to go down this street but you, right? “Who, us?” We are just people in cars; we’re here to watch your show!

I wonder what would happen if all of us just “got a grip” and decided for one whole day none of us would live in drama for even a second, nor tolerate it around us.

Imagine, finally getting to see all the things we’ve been missing. Seeing more important issues because the clouds of distraction have dissipated; giving way to the full view.

Being the people that we need to be for God is going to require us to put the brakes on all the squealing of our tires, and turn down our road going straight. All the noise from the screeching may give the impression we are more than we are; but once the smoke clears, what remains?

God needs to close down a number of peoples productions. I could use less curtain calls myself. I have no time for a date with drama; my calendar is full and I am not accepting any new engagements.

To the doughnut people, I would like you to know they are for eating! As entertaining and humorous as it might be, life continues to go by in the fast lane whether your car is driving straight or not. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss life while they are debating how many circles they can make before someone calls the police. By the way, it’s five.

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