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Friday, November 16, 2007

"Are You Looking For A Savior?"

With the holidays here many are thinking about where they will spend their time. Many of us have numerous options where that will be. Sadly…some have little or none. Others have not only little or no food to eat; they have no place to call home.

Christians have something, someone to go home to. God awaits those who have chosen an “afterlife” in Him. Those who have opted to turn from the rhetoric and false beliefs of this world—that lead to nowhere; for a chance that leads to eternity.

If you’re looking for a Savior, One who can secure your future life, and guide you into better choices while you’re here; it’s time you look to the person of Jesus Christ. A man who was uniquely human, but fully, God. A man who can help you in whatever you’re lacking and needing. Providing for you a purpose for living, through His dying…on the cross for your sins.

Some say that “Happiness is the gift that keeps on giving.” If that’s true, then salvation is the gift we should long to get, and to give. Salvation is the free gift of eternal life. Let’s keep giving it away during the holiday times and always.

Needs don’t take a holiday. Either does God, I am glad to say! I hope we will
reach out everyday to those who for whatever reason find themselves on the other side of plenty. But not beyond the reach of a God who can supply them with “more than enough.” God is always there. He is someone to go home to.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

What Does Faith Mean To You?

I'm looking at an ad for an upcoming luncheon that’s on my desk; the title of the event “A View From The Edge” really grabs my attention. The only views from there are up and down, and over if you can cross. I guess you can always decide to turn back.

Some roads we choose in our lives leave us no choice but to go forward, because going back for what ever reason is not an option. If you’re facing the edge right now, I hope you won’t choose to go over; but, prepare to cross over.

How we cross the edges in our lives, is entirely our choice. But I am very interested in how God will always get me across; no matter how steep the drop or how broad the gap.

The way to cross over any edge is by the means of faith. Just hoping seems to only work on TV. Hope is fleeting, but faith is rooted. It’s taken hold in something deep. Deeper than just wishing “it was all over,” or clicking your heels together to see if that will get you to the other side. Faith is fixed in the One God who can get us over.

I like to cross edges. Because I trust, have faith, in the One God and His Son, Jesus, as my Savior. I know where ever I land it will be in His hands. I also enjoy crossing edges because I anxiously wait to see what is on the other side. I’m just not the turning back sort of person.

The great thing about putting our trust, faith, in God is that it’s open to anyone that believes in God, and that His Son, Jesus, died on the cross for their sins. Believing in Him isn’t easy for some. Doubting His existence and blaming Him for our problems doesn’t help us to gain trust in Him; but fuels the doubt that feeds our desire to “do it our way.” God never said you couldn’t do it your way; He would just like to help you, as you go along—on your way.

Crossing over isn’t always a journey, when you reach the edge you can fall in. How close are you to the edge? I hope it’s not to fall in but to hold on by the means of faith. To make it across and go…beyond.

Faith in ourselves gets us as far as we can carry ourselves. Faith in God gets us the farthest because He can carry is all the way; by His might and power, and by the means of faith. Not placed in ourselves but well placed in Him. The One who can not only get us across, but who can rescue us from the edge.

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